I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises twice now and I still cannot get over how good Anne Hathaway is as Catwoman.

/the film in general…SHWING.

I am sick to death with this country. People that are claiming benefits for ‘illnesses’ or ‘incapacities’ that they don’t even fucking have, whilst my mother has been refused it. My mum just tried to empty the dishwasher, I hear a scream from the kitchen and she is there crying, and saying that she cannot move her leg. She was stood writhing in pain for ten minutes whilst me and my dad had to try and get her to a seated position without causing any more pain.

Please ‘rule-makers’, tell me how she is capable of work when she cannot even do a household task like that?

St Mary’s hospital can suck a dick too. She’s been waiting since NOVEMBER for ANY sort of correspondence/treatment. She had injections last week that have caused her to be in even more pain, just because they ‘thought’ that they might help. Baring in mind that they had not even bothered with an MRI before this, to get any idea to what was wrong. She has had numerous blood tests and x-rays that have shown nothing.

I am sick of her being treated with no respect when there are fucking LOUTS out there that are happy to claim of the government or fucking doctors that do not give a flying fuck about their patients. I swear if my mum was married to a doctor, or her father was a doctor, etc. this would be going A LOT differently. If you are getting paid ridiculous amounts of money to help people, do it. 

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